Monday, November 26, 2007

Interesting Nothing

So, when I started this BLOG, it was with the intent to express my view of what I saw and experienced in this world (preferably in a humorous way). Well, I think I am failing miserably at that. Mainly, because I am failing to find inspiration needed to post regularly. However, I continue to get hounded for new material....mainly by my wife. (Apparently, she can't get enough of me.)

Also it is a little hard to get motivated to post regularly when I know that only a handful of people are reading it. So, I emplore all of you that ARE reading this, to circulate this BLOG. Invite your friends and family to read. I have noticed that a few of you have added links to my BLOG from your own blogsites.......thank you. I appreciate the advertising. Oh, yeah, and comment regularly, so I know you are reading!!

SO, on to my title. "Interesting Nothing" I know ya'll are wondering, "What the crap does that mean?" Well, it is sort of what I have been attempting to do with this BLOG. I try to find things that really seem insignificant and meaningless (that would be the "Nothing") and try to make it interesting (hopefully humorously).

Today, I was watching the movie, You've Got Mail. If you haven't seen this movie, it is one to watch with a wife or a girlfriend. Yeah, it's a total chick flick!! Which, I was made fully aware of by a flight school colleague of mine by his remark, "Dude, you're gay!!" (Yep, you guessed it, more lost cool points.) So, yeah, Tom Hanks and Meg "Totally Hot!" Ryan star in this movie. Well, I only watched like the first half. During this first half, both Meg and Tom are writing emails back and forth. These emails are really about nothing.....nothing at all. Yet, they were interesting. (Not to me, of course, but to each other) So, yeah, "Interesting Nothing."

And then there is Seinfeld. Yep, "the show about nothing." Yet, it was incredibly interesting, and funny. Now, of course, I know I will probably never be as funny as Jerry Seinfeld, or as interesting. But it gives me something to shoot for, right?

So, there you have it folks. This post is to serve 3 purposes. One: to encourage ya'll to advertise my BLOGsite. Two: to attempt making a post about nothing....interesting. And three: TO GET MY WIFE OFF MY BACK ABOUT MAKING A NEW POST!!! ;-P


Burgdogg said...

HA! I don't care who you are...thats funny. Geez Amber give the poor guy a break he hasn't played guild wars in ages...and you want him to blog! I do believe that is asking much of a man. I know if my wife inquired of me to blog more often in either my blogger or myspace that I just might block her from reading! LOL...You know I wouldn't do that but its the thought that makes it fun! Anyhow...I haven't posted in mine in days...I think all my followers check my myspace, maybe I'll put a forward link in it to my blogger.

all4quilt said...

Ok, I will take the bait! I have read your BLOG and of course, it is funny because YOU are! I gotta say, You take maybe a close 100 to Seinfeld, but hey, You gotta start somewhere! Now, onto circulating BLOGS. Here is mine... not as interesting as yours, but as you say, "gotta start somewhere!"

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