Monday, May 23, 2011

Food Storage in a Trailer

So last winter we decided to downsize.  We downsized from a 4 bedroom house with a huge basement to a 3 bedroom modular home (trailer house).  Significantly smaller for a family with 4 kids.  In fact, our three boys are all sharing a small 10x10 bedroom.  These may seem to be an unlivable situation, but we decided that for the short-term, this would be a fiscally responsible decision to get out of debt and invest on some future rental properties.  Aside from having half of our stuff in a friend's barn and making our recreational 4-wheeler trailer a close-by storage unit, it has been surprisingly bearable.

However, when we lived in our large house in Boise and the house prior to this one, we prided ourselves on having a fairly robust food storage for some unforeseen emergency.  However, when we moved here we had to consume, donate, or throw out most of our supply.  However, recently we have felt impressed to rebuilt our food storage.  This is has been a challenge.  We've had to make compromises on counter, shelf, and cupboard space in order to find a place for our stash.  As you can see from the pics below, we even made our Shelf-Reliance Harvest can rotator a major display in our front room.  Talk about a conversation starter!!

For now, the pictures show the extent of our food storage.  But we are always looking for SPACE-EFFICIENT ideas. 



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